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  1. Getting motivated after the Christmas break
  2. How to create great referral strategies & customer loyalty

    How to create great referral strategies &…

    Mon 18 Nov, 2019 01:03 AM (GMT+0000) Read Time: ( words)

    It’s one of the most cost-effective ways to gain new customers, but so many of us don’t do it.  Asking for a referral should be a simple question, and with 80% of work of a well-established business coming from repeat business, referrals, or word of mouth, it should become best practice of any organisation.   It’s […]

  3. Closing a sale with great questions

    Closing a sale with great questions

    Tue 8 Oct, 2019 12:59 AM (GMT+0000) Read Time: ( words)

    Sales can be tough at any time – you’re competing against numerous other businesses all vying for the same work, so how can you break down some of the barriers and ensure it’s your product that stands out from the rest and you get the sale?  There are many factors that a business will consider; […]

  4. It’s a numbers game

    It’s a numbers game

    Thu 26 Sep, 2019 12:05 AM (GMT+0000) Read Time: ( words)

    Sales is a numbers game. However you look at it, the more people you interact with, the better the result.  It’s about looking at the ratios.  Here’s a story from 1999 when I was in my last year as a local government senior manager and a member of the National Fundraising Institute.  Although it was a […]

  5. Don’t let distractions get in the way
  6. Questioning techniques

    Questioning techniques

    Thu 8 Aug, 2019 05:20 AM (GMT+0000) Read Time: ( words)

    No one likes rejection, but it can be a common occurrence in today’s hectic and competitive business world.In a sales environment, how often do you hear words like “It sounds good, but we’ll consider it and come back to you”.  How often does that person come back to you?  And so, when you do follow […]

  7. Objection handling

    Objection handling

    Thu 8 Aug, 2019 05:09 AM (GMT+0000) Read Time: ( words)

    When it comes to selling, objections are a great buying signal, so how do you best manage them to ensure you win that sale?An objection is merely a query for more information.  If the customer says it’s too expensive, don’t think you should drop the price immediately or that the product is too expensive.  Believe […]

  8. Affirmations


    Thu 8 Aug, 2019 04:59 AM (GMT+0000) Read Time: ( words)

    The power of affirmations can have a significant impact on your subconscious brain and are a great way to overcome a manifestation of fear which occurs to probably all of us, at some point of another. This is something that I have used successfully over the years.  It’s amazing how writing something down starting with “I […]

  9. Gaining new customers through referrals

    Gaining new customers through referrals

    Thu 8 Aug, 2019 04:44 AM (GMT+0000) Read Time: ( words)

    Referrals can be a simple and effective way of gaining new clients, but how often does it happen?  Do you feel comfortable asking for one?  If you proactively review your current and future business strategies, you can achieve new clients through referrals.  So, what do you need to do?  There is more detail in The Quiet […]

  10. What does your identity say about you?

    What does your identity say about you?

    Thu 8 Aug, 2019 04:30 AM (GMT+0000) Read Time: ( words)

    When you think of the word identity, what do you associate with it?  To become a quiet sales genius, you need to look beyond just who you are.  You need to consider behaviour, skills, beliefs, values and your identity – I like to call it the Iceberg Identity.Above the waterline we have behaviour, decisions and […]