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The power of affirmations can have a significant impact on your subconscious brain and are a great way to overcome a manifestation of fear which occurs to probably all of us, at some point of another. 

This is something that I have used successfully over the years.  It’s amazing how writing something down starting with “I am…” can start to have such a positive impact (as well as lots of practice), and this is the technique that I’ve used to overcome my fear of public speaking.

Reading your affirmations regularly on a daily basis, whether that’s in the car or the shower where no one else can hear you, can overtime, help calm the fear.  It won’t change overnight, however, over time it can help alleviate the subconscious feeling and make the doubting voice go quiet or quieter. 

Experts have said that affirmations can be read silently but reading them aloud does enforce the action further and helps the subconscious mind to engage with the new belief quicker and more effectively.

Some affirmations may take longer to enforce than others, for example, mindset change affirmation, like the one I set for public speaking can work well over a few months, others such as goal type affirmations can take years.  So don’t give yourself a hard time if you don’t achieve something quickly.   It also helps to re-write your affirmations each year at the very least, while thinking about what and how the new ‘state’ should look and feel.  Using visualisation and taking the time each day thinking about what you’d like to change will help effectively reinforce your affirmations. 

Remember, it’s all about you…”I am…”

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