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Closing a sale with great questions

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Sales can be tough at any time – you’re competing against numerous other businesses all vying for the same work, so how can you break down some of the barriers and ensure it’s your product that stands out from the rest and you get the sale?  There are many factors that a business will consider; they don’t just necessarily go with the cheapest option.

During my years as a Business Coach, I’ve learnt a lot about closing a sale and handling objections and it was during my early years that I was taught a valuable lesson from a local motelier.  He was keen to take up one of our 3-month coaching programs to improve the profitability of his motel business which he ran with his wife. He was happy with the proposal; however, his wife wasn’t so keen.

At the end of the presentation, I asked them both “How many of the things we’ve talked about could assist you in your business?”  The husband replied with “Lots!”.  His wife disagreed saying it wasn’t for them and that she wasn’t happy to go ahead.  At this point, I could have easily given up as it was clear who ultimately made the decisions.  I could have walked away from the sale but instead I turned my attention to two CDs I’d been listening to on objection handling by Tom Hopkins and Peter McKeon.  Rather than admitting defeat, I asked the wife “What specifically is it that makes you feel like this?”. It became apparent that she just didn’t want to go out on a winters’ evening and attend the training sessions.  Using what I had learned on the CDs on objection handling, I ascertained whether there was any other reason why she wouldn’t want to go ahead.  Besides this one concern, she confirmed that this was the only reason.  So, I then closed the conversation with “Would you be happy if your husband attended without you?”.  She replied that she was more than happy for her husband to attend as long as she didn’t have to.  Boom, sale made.  

By asking several open questions and using what I learnt from the objection handling CDs, I quickly ascertained the emotion and objection and was able to provide a win-win solution.  Remember to find out what motivates (and de-motivates) your prospective clients and you might just be surprised how easily you can overcome their objection.  

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