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Gaining new customers through referrals

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Referrals can be a simple and effective way of gaining new clients, but how often does it happen?  Do you feel comfortable asking for one?  If you proactively review your current and future business strategies, you can achieve new clients through referrals.  

So, what do you need to do?  There is more detail in The Quiet Sales Genius, but for now, here are some key pointers. 

Consider who your ideal client is.  If you understand who your top client could be, i.e. someone that is easy to do business with, they pay on time, them it makes it a lot easier when you start to search for them or attract them to your business. 

Work out how much each of your current clients spend with you.  This allows you to calculate how much you can afford to invest with each of them (time and money) to encourage them to refer potential customers to your business.  You can use some of the profit you make from that client to reward them when they refer a genuine business to you.  In turn, that improves customer loyalty from your current client base!

Always make time for your clients and regularly make contact with them.  As a rule of thumb, you should keep in contact with your clients every 90 days, whether that’s by way of telephone call or sending them an email, but always make sure the content is timely and relevant – something that adds value to them, but don’t spam them. 

Be awesome!  Develop awesome customer service that you and your team will deliver…continually.  By doing this, the service will speak for itself and gets people talking about how great your business is.  It’s so much easier to refer a business when you have firsthand experience, but it also makes it easier to ask for referrals when you have such a great business and deliver exceptional service.

You could even establish a system of rewards for your clients for a birthday or anniversary – generating a sense of goodwill and ultimately referrals.  After all, that’s the end game!

Take a deep breath and just ASK! 


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