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Getting motivated after the Christmas break

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It can sometimes be hard to find the motivation after the extended Christmas break – time spent with family and friends, chilling out, doing the things you enjoy, visiting new places, enjoying the warmer weather can all make it that much harder to step back into work mode.  So, when reality hits and the alarm goes off, how do you ensure you’re ready for the day ahead and your productivity levels are at their maximum? 

Make sure you get organised 

Take some time to review what tasks you were engaged in before the break, read over emails and clear some of the clutter.  Write a list of everything you need to do, check on and those people you need to speak to.  You may find some of it was completed, but it’s best to check and then properly ‘file’ that task as done.   

Motivate each other 

Take time to talk to your team and co-workers.  Social interaction is a great way to build a solid culture within an organisation and allows individuals to feel like they belong to a team and have an important role to play within that team.  Talking is also a great way to motivate each other and talk through any issues before they come to a head.   

Avoid the distractions 

Notifications from our phones can be a real distraction at any time, but it’s worse when you’re struggling to focus on the task in front of you and reminiscing about the holiday you’ve just had.  So, while you’re at work, avoid the temptation of checking up on what friends and family are doing and turn off your notifications.  You’ll be much more productive and focused if you’re not distracted by what’s happening on social media.    

Get stuck in 

With a new year generally comes new projects so make yourself the obvious choice to be a part of that project. Getting stuck into something new will help you adjust after the Christmas break and give you a new focus.    

Don’t be fooled 

Sometimes when there’s a lack of productivity there is a sense of feeling you need to compensate by working beyond the 5PM workday (or whatever time you generally finish). Don’t be fooled into this! You’ll be far more productive by going home and starting a fresh the next day, with a clear mind and focus on what the new day will bring.   

Write a task list each day and focus on those items rather than the bigger picture initially.  This will allow you to ease back into the working week far more effectively rather than focusing on everything that needs to be done.   

It is especially hard returning to work after Christmas but there will be times throughout the year when your motivation may waiver so remind yourself of these tips to improve your level of engagement all year round! 

For a great read on this topic, try Mark McKeon’s book Get in the Go Zone: Making the Most of Me. 

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