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No one likes rejection, but it can be a common occurrence in today’s hectic and competitive business world.

In a sales environment, how often do you hear words like “It sounds good, but we’ll consider it and come back to you”.  How often does that person come back to you?  And so, when you do follow it up, you receive a response like “Call me again in six months”.  It can be very disheartening so what is going wrong?

Getting someone to commit to you there and then can be difficult,  You’re asking the right questions, finding a need for your customer and logically they should be buying from you, so why aren’t they?

It’s not about logic.  As Allan Pease explains in his book Questions are the Answers, it’s about emotion; drawing out the emotion in your customer/prospect.

In his book, Allan suggests asking Five Solid Gold Questions:

  1. What is your number one priority?
  2. Why did you pick that one?
  3. Why is that important to you?
  4. What are the consequences of not having that opportunity?
  5. Why would that worry you?

Each of Allan’s questions come from the what, why, where, when ,who and how group, so you’re almost certain to get a comprehensive answer and learn more about your buyer, particularly when you ask with feeling and genuine empathy.

It’s amazing what you learn from people just by changing the emphasis and understanding what the missing link is, i.e. the emotion that drives them – this will reveal what is important to your customer/prospect.  It could be their family, security, their health, peace of mind.  What does profitability look like to them?  How will your product or service make them feel if they settled for less?

Remember, there are a range of human emotions and each person you come across will have a different emotion which drives them to making a decision.  What you need to do is dig deep to find out what makes them tick. 

Find out more about reaching a persons’ emotion through questioning in The Quiet Sales Genius


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