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What does your identity say about you?

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When you think of the word identity, what do you associate with it?  To become a quiet sales genius, you need to look beyond just who you are.  You need to consider behaviour, skills, beliefs, values and your identity – I like to call it the Iceberg Identity.

Above the waterline we have behaviour, decisions and actions.  What does this mean?  It shows your behaviour that others see which is impacted by decisions you make and subsequent actions.  In selling, it’s easy to see what’s happening above the waterline, for example, the number of calls you make, the activity you’re undertaking, what appointments you’re attending.  But sometimes when you’re not reaching your goal, you may need to look beyond just the water surface as to the reasons why.

It may be your skills which are impacting your success.  With the right amount of practice, you can develop your skill set, but we have to be motivated to do so; wanting to learn new skills and then practice them regularly.

Belief is another strong principle when it comes to your identity.  Having the right belief and knowing that you can do something is vital, particularly in the art of selling.  If you’re continually telling yourself or someone has told you “you can do XYZ”, the chances are you’ll believe you can.  Just keep reminding yourself of that fact and look for the opportunities!

Values sit deep below the waterline – its what sits at the core and are driven by our beliefs.  People can have the same values but be driven by different beliefs.  Success looks different for everyone so remember this, but also consider what values may be stopping you from doing the things you need to do to become as successful as you want to be, and that can be true in all of life – not just when it comes to selling. 

At the base of our iceberg is our Identity and Environment.  Where are values are formed probably goes back to our family identity and environment by which we live.  Evolving your own identity is critical if you are to develop into the person you need to become in order to achieve your goals, whether you’re in sales or not.  Next time you’re contemplating what success looks like for you, consider your iceberg from the bottom up – don’t just look on the surface.  If you need some motivation or thought-provoking questions, check out page 63 of The Quiet Sales Genius

So, when you’re next thinking about your own and other people’s identities, remember to look beyond what you see on the surface because it goes far deeper!



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