Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” -Mark Twain, Author

Case study: Achieving work/life balance

Goal: To allow the owner to take more time out of the business. He wants the business to be able to work in his absence as he moves into more of a part-time role allowing him to concentrate more on his missionary work. 

Process:  I started working with Matthew, a business owner in Christchurch, about three months ago.  The main purpose for Matthew enlisting my services was to help him achieve a life passion for spending more time with the church.  The business has been heavily reliant on Matthew up till now and this is where most of our focus has been – to shift that emphasis, open up the engine room of the business, and set up a team of champions to ensure the business continues to work like clockwise whether Matthew’s there or not.

Matthew is well read in business matters and reads a lot, including several action coach books written by Brad Sugars.  This has made the process much easier as Matthew understands the purpose a business coach can bring to this business and is accepting of the ideas and processes being proposed.

After conducting a health check of the business and working through each of the ActionCoach Business Coaching 6 Steps to Massive Results, it quickly became apparent the main priority for the business and Matthew’s driving goals was to be able to systemize the business.  We’ve done this by working through the 6 Steps, and ensuring the Mastery level parts of the business are in order and setting monthly KPIs.  These have undoubtedly impacted the profitability of the business further as key measures are now in place.   

At the same time, Matthew has implemented niche strategies, paying particular attention to the marketing of the business.  One of the first quick wins was looking at the existing customer base and nurturing them by sending a mailout which included a $25 voucher for use at the business. 

Despite the location, telephone coaching has worked extremely well for this particular client.  It’s never easy having someone else critique your business but Matthew has thrown himself into coaching, and it’s paid dividends.

Outcome: In just a short space of time, we have strategies in place for 5 out of the 6 areas and the next step is to appoint a General Manager for the business.  Customers are being looked after.  The employees are enjoying a happy and satisfying workplace with more accountability for them.  The business is profitable and it works without Matthew being present one day a week, with an ultimate goal of moving to just working one day a week come March/April 2018.  The business supports him financially and he and his family are content as they start to embark on a new phase of their life with a deeper involvement in their passion and following Matthew’s other true calling in life.

Other feedback

“We have increased our net profit significantly with very little investment or risk. We have created a better working environment for our team. I have been introduced to a number of very helpful training packages covering systems, management, structures, sales, marketing and team building and now have the confidence to progress in all these areas.”
James Harrison – Hyway Manufacturing, Palmerston North

“Mark’s Sales and Marketing Coaching increased profit greatly by helping us with our strategic planning and marketing.”
Mark Stratford – Total Cover Shade Systems

“ActionCOACH” coaching of our business very quickly improved our team culture and provided the building block we needed to grow our business.”
Marion and Mike Johnston – Holdaways, Wanganui

“Great programme, has taught us a lot on business.”
Matt and Daina Parry, – Thermoking, Manawatu

“Coaching from Mark has helped me move from reaching my goals as a passionate Physiotherapist to also reaching my goals as a businesswoman. This has meant I am now rapidly moving towards achieving the target I set when I started with Mark of tripling my income.”
Florence Clark – Physio, Palmerston North

“In 5 months working with Mark as our Action coach turnover has DOUBLED! We’re very happy with the profit-generating ideas that we’ve worked on with our coach.”
Mita Love, – Advantage Tyres, Palmerston North

“3 weeks into the programme I am starting to look at my business from a different perspective. I feel more optimistic and inspired.”
Craig Hume – Hang Ups Picture Framing, Palmerston North

“I think this programme would have been very beneficial at the start of my career. Mark always manages to come up with some idea or project to keep me moving forward.”
Bryan Stembridge – Marton Coachlines and Rentals

“Mark and the Action Business Coaching strategies have improved my sales turnover by 117% (FY07-08 V’s FY06-07). My income is now well into the six-figure bracket.”
Maurice Jupp – Bell Booth Ltd, Taranaki

“In the last 7 months we have set up systems within the business that have made all areas of our cleaning company more efficient and profitable.”
Terry Kennedy – PJT Cleaning Services Ltd, Wanganui

“I found the coaching challenging & rewarding. Following each session, certain actions were set out to complete. This gave me a focus and measurable targets to achieve. To give an example, we had been experiencing an ongoing struggle with clients who booked then without prior notice did not arrive. We found that by adding one simple question suggested by Mark, we cut our cancellations by over half!. . .I recommend Action Business Coaches and Mark Daniels to anyone looking for help and / or new inspiration for themselves and their businesses.”
Deborah Smith – Wildflowers Sensory Spa, Wanganui

“Your professionalism, ability to communicate with all parties and commitment to progress have been features of our partnership that has really impressed!”
Stuart Hylton – Environmental Policy Analyst, Wanganui District Council

“Being in business for 4 years as an electrician and although I was on top of my game in the electrical field. Coming home at the end of the day and putting on my “paperwork hat”, I was struggling. Mark approached and advised me that it doesn’t have to be that way and I was not the first and won’t be the last in that position, so I thought let’s give it a go.  Working with Mark I was transformed from only just getting by to lifting my sights and realising that with structure and systems in place, combined with good marketing a whole new world had opened up!  As a consequence, I thoroughly recommend Mark as a coach if you want support, practical marketing and management advice that will grow your business and your outlook on life. Cheers Mark!”
Alex Mitchell – AME Electrical Ltd, Wanganui

“I had been running my business for almost a year when I met Mark. Things weren’t too bad but could have been better. I was looking for someone to give me good advice and point me in the right direction. Mark was the man for the job and he fulfilled these criteria very well.  Part of our business challenge was with slow payers. This had become a particular challenge in the business. However, after 6-8 weeks of Mark’s coaching, this problem was almost completely fixed.  My business is now running a lot smoother and I feel much more comfortable about it. My free time is now free and my work time is less pressured. Thanks Mark.”
Dr. P Hadleigh Reid – Victoria Dental, Wanganui

“Just a quick note to say thank you for all your help, advice and support over the past year. I am well aware that several of our staff have benefited greatly from your advice and direction. Some who have been promoted would not be achieving as they are today without your input. I hope that you are brought back on board in February as I believe strongly that you are a benefit to the company as well as an integral part of moving the company forward. It has been a pleasure working with you, thanks again.” 
Mike King – Parts & Services Ltd, Taupo

“The reason I hired a business coach was because I needed to get more out of my business. At the time my confidence was zero particularly in the ultra-competitive business of selling cars.  When I took Mark on probably like most business owners I wasn’t sure whether I could afford or justify the coaching fee. In hindsight, I’m very glad that I went ahead because the results have been outstanding. In total, I worked with Mark for 16 months and during that time turnover went up by 25% but profit increased by 75%. These results are all the more staggering when I reflect on the fact that we completely changed our approach to marketing with Mark showing us a number of very effective marketing strategies – and the bit I liked even more was that we reduced our marketing spending by around 90%!  The Action coaching programme is just that – a coaching programme. During our time working with Mark, he provided much needed accountability to ensure I did what needed to be done in the business. Mark was also able to make business coaching fun. I felt that I also gained significantly in mastering good time management techniques, the ability to think outside the square and I gained a major insight into the art of sales made with integrity.  I whole heartedly recommend anyone considering working with Mark that you stop procrastinating and just do it. If you are prepared to put in the effort I’m sure you’ll get the rewards.” 
Brian Rattray – Wanganui European, Wanganui

Malcolm Syme, Environment First Ltd

“We took Mark on as our business coach in 2007 and we saw an immediate increase in turnover and profit from business coaching. As a result of this coaching on average over the last 2 years, we are $1,500-$2,000 better off per week despite the recession!”
Darren Edge – Taste Café, Taupo

“We’ve been working with Mark now for over a year. Mark’s input has been invaluable to us in building a focused professional well-performing team. He’s also directed us to undertake low-cost marketing ideas that have worked.” 
Jim & Iolie Murphy – Element Restaurant/Café, Wanganui

“Mark was a very approachable and relatable coach. We found him very easy to talk to and he was very supportive and listened well. His approach was always well thought out and considerate of every party involved.  We found him invaluable during a time when we had a lot of difficulty with one or two tricky employees. He was a great sounding board, (verging on a counsellor at times!) when things got very stressful and having him on board helped us get through it with more confidence.  We really liked some of the concepts he presented during his time with us and we still use them now (Above and below the line).”
Anna & Paul Mackintosh – Mackintosh Group

“Great Support – A really good support for your business to help it grow. He really has helped us with ours to grow.”
Mandi Bates – Environment First Ltd

“He has an attitude of helpfulness and a huge giver of his valuable time. I’m so lucky.”

“Mark is an enthusiastic and motivational individual with a wealth of knowledge. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our time with Mark and learned a lot. We have continued using a coach but we have gone local so we get more face time.  We would recommend Mark to anyone.”
Rob & Anette Hulman – Off The Track Restaurant

“Good taskmaster, helpful and informative.”
Jarrat Syme – Environment First Ltd

Malcolm Syme, Environment First Ltd

“Helpful & Friendly.  Opens up our thinking towards Marketing. Helps to grow our business.”
Leanne Wills – AMT Auto Electrical Ltd

“Motivational – Great motivation to set goals and accountability every week to take things to the next level and meet those set targets.”
Kylie Gardiner – Gardiner Homes Ltd

“AWESOME!!! – Mark is great, whatever I need help with he always comes up with new ideas on how to get it done.”
Narisa & Jason Morrissey – Innovative Kitchens

“Superb – Mark is superb at getting to the crux of things then delivering constant improvements that produces excellent results.”
Jules Radich – ActionCOACH

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